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Interview with Mary Reneé on what is Raja Yoga

This Saturday Mary begins a two part series exploring a practice of Raja (Royal/Illumined) Yoga, as this path of yoga is unfamiliar to most I asked Mary to shed some light for us….. Please explain how a Raja yoga practice … Continue reading

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How to Headstand

Sirsasana or headstand is a well known inversion that often comes up in yoga class. It can be scary to turn your world upside down! In this video Mary shows us how to safely push past these beginning jitters, and … Continue reading

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Realizing death in our lives

While traveling in India I met backpackers who shared stories of wonderful and interesting places they had been. This is how I learned of the “City of Thieves, City of Light, City of Death and the City of Final Liberation”: … Continue reading

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Meet the Teachers: Mary Reneé

Here’s our lovely teacher Mary! She teaches four times a week at East Side. Come on in and catch a class with her Sunday and Monday at 10:30am, Tuesday at 7:30pm, and for all you early risers she hosts a … Continue reading

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Growing community with self-practice hour

When I think of self-practice I think of me on my mat cramped in the corner of my apartment, breathing and trying not to fall onto the table or stub a toe on my book shelf.  Once, I was practicing … Continue reading

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