Growing community with self-practice hour

When I think of self-practice I think of me on my mat cramped in the corner of my apartment, breathing and trying not to fall onto the table or stub a toe on my book shelf.  Once, I was practicing handstand and kicked my TV. Before the laughter a few obscenities were able to escape my mouth. Not exactly my idea of an enjoyable and enlightening yoga practice. I took that as a sign and got rid of my TV… but there are many other objects and pieces of furniture in my small apartment that can potentially cause bodily harm. There are those days were it is gorgeous outside and the day allows me the time and space to practice, but that does not happen nearly enough! This is why when I heard of having self-practice at a studio I got really excited. A close friend, Gillie, has taught yoga for many years in Nashville TN and recently opened her own studio. A few months ago she mentioned a wonderful experience she had had in self-practice. She then explained to me that they had started hosting self-practice at their studio. A teacher, who remains to practice alongside other students and teachers, opens the studio. Anyone and every practice are welcome. Some will come to meditate, some
continue their daily practice and some work on sequences from their last class. The practices range from Ashtanga to restorative. If something comes up in your practice or you have a question about a certain pose or pranayama practice, there is likely someone in
the community that can help. I love the idea of having a community of daily practitioners that serve to motivate and inspire each other.

I feel that no matter how long one practices yoga they are always a student. The ability to step on the mat every day and learn something new and to further tap in to the infinite
knowledge of yoga, keeps me coming back. Being around like-minded people furthers  my passion and love for this path. Therefore I am beyond excited to start self-practice at
Eastside Yoga! . I hope that the community will grow and eventually there will be a need to expand self-practice throughout the week! But if that doesn’ t happen, at least I don’ t have to worry about kicking my furniture or stubbing a toe one day a week.


About eastsideyoga

your neighborhood yoga studio! with our warm welcome, peaceful vibe and experienced yoga teachers, we aim to transform the body and bring stillness to your mind through the timeless teaching of yoga. eastside yoga is a friendly community of people who love yoga and meditation. we strive to nurture beginners and help deepen your yoga practice. our yoga studio and class schedule are convenient for residents of the east side and downtown austin.
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1 Response to Growing community with self-practice hour

  1. Gillian says:

    I don’t know what time of the day your self practice is at but ours is at 6AM. The classes are rarely over 10 people but whoever gets there REALLY wants or NEEDS to be there and that creates a totally different dynamic to the practice. Sometimes people come into a group class and just go through the motions. They came to class because that’s what they do they “practice yoga” on that day and that time, they check out and let the teacher do all the work. Self practice makes you present, you are in complete control with people who want to be there who want to explore their own limits and ideas. Self practice also can create great friendships and growth. I am so happy you all are getting this opportunity to have this in your community. Namaste! -G

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