The Sacred Celebration of Christmas

Beyond gift giving and receiving, beyond a plentiful feast there is a deeper purpose to the Christmas celebration.  Discover the plenitude of love, gratitude and joy that is within you.


Each human being has a wellspring of these pure attributes that can be tapped into at a moment’s notice.  Some have a a slight trickle others have a uncontrollable gusher, nonetheless it’s there to be discovered.  The inherent need to share, to give graciously to love unconditionally is the Christmas spirit expressing these Divine qualities.  Practiced consciously these gifts bring happiness and light to our World.

Christ’s life showed us the way to live our lives, the real purpose to our lives and our destiny to reunite or become one with the Father, verily.   The sacred union of the soul was often referred to as marriage, this term is significant as it has roots in sacred yoga.  Once there is Divine union, it is said that no one can take it from you, the same is said of samadhi (meditative absorption).

A joy expressed, a heart filled with love or a soul filled with light, all are eternal.  The sacrifice made in Christ’s life was to live purely in atonement with the natural way.  It is our nature to give love to another, yet in modern times we express this love through the medium of material gifts while often forgetting the source of gift giving. However these are merely outer reflections of the gift of the inner spirit.

Christ warned us about temptation, this can be explained as selfish tendencies,  personal discord and innate desires that drive us to act.  If we can learn to curb them, redirect that trapped energy upwards to the to the spiritual eye it will be filled with light.  This is the promise of the scriptures and is rooted in reality according to the great yogis. Through dedicated meditation this can be realized in each and every one of us.

My own Guru wrote “take Christmas seriously” , there is a rare opportunity here to uplift yourself, what better way than to give the gift of unconditional love to another.

May you have a blessed and joyful Christmas.



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