Karmic knots unbound

When considering our personal karma and life destiny it seems that all is beyond our control we are pushed and pulled in all directions as life events unfold. What is karma? How does it play a part in everyday life? What can you do about future karma? My hope is that this article will shed some light and clarity as to this karmic process and offer straightforward advice that can be utilized day to day.

Draw upon the collection of desires that you hold at this moment in time. Bundles of potential energy resting somewhere within you, awaiting their fruition and transformable at anytime into words and actions to manifest their fulfillment.

What if all that collective energy were to be released at once into the ether, can you imagine that occurrence? Within your own being lies not just the potential energy of your surface desires but all the suppressed desires, dormant desires and prior incarnations residual desires. It is said that no man is an island, no respite exists for nature in perpetual motion. Therefore it is our inherent nature to manifest inner desires whether we like it or not, whether we believe in this natural process or not.

Now, try to extrapolate this scenario into the collective consciousness of all humanity on this planet. Is this not a tremendous amount of potential energy that is waiting to be expressed outwardly?

When the human being draws his last breath there can be no extinguishing of desires and attachments to unexpected and unanticipated circumstances, indeed the holding pattern is deeper than the physical shell of the body, so is it not logical that the unfulfilled cause effect energy exchange continues somewhere out there in subtler realities?

If you could see this energy and understand it’s significance for your own future destiny it would become palpable, tangible and by the subtle laws of physics unfulfilled. You recognize in your own self what a burden to hold on these petty attachments, old grudges, bitter resentments, sustained grief and unworthy judgements. Not to mention your expectations for just about everything, oh what a web we weave!

Your knowing is intuitive yet science cannot prove this objectively at this stage of our development which leaves us skeptical, uninterested and ignorant. That being said for all human beings if you objectively reflect on these words you know it to be true.

If this potential energy exists in the ether then it must beby Divine Law that it will germinate in the future per the hidden laws of karma, it is our destiny. The cause effect ratio will then be completed, the Soul’s checkbook will be balanced at some point in your future, the seeds sowed shall be reaped.

For the spiritual seeker there is another possibility, it is an opportunity to overcome this karmic burden and hasten spiritual progress for themselves. The knower behind the actions seeks fulfillment and expungement of karmic seeds without effect. Take note of this rare discovery, it is not to taken lightly as this release of karmic burden can be realized through deep meditation the stoking of the inner fire through authentic yoga techniques. Awakening the inner light at the spiritual eye (ajna chakra) burns the karmic seeds in an instant. This rarity comes to the devoted practitioner and those bestowed with Divine grace.

In the bank of karma we are greatly overdrawn to our own detriment, we are also stuck in a never ending karmic whirpool as we don’t appreciate or understand the effect of our actions. Many people crave social justice, it makes sense when a wrong is committed we want to see that action put right so that societal balance is restored. This intuitive craving is an outward manifestation of karmic law. All thoughts, words and deeds are things, they are projections of subtle energies and all must be balanced as a natural law, it’s not punishment to have karma , it just is. The web is so vast it’s literally overwhelming and beyond our comprehension however yoga and meditation can give you a direction to work on your karmic self development.

In our spiritual blindness and in our ignorance to our own intuition we continue to withdraw from the bank leading us to a fully fledged debt crisis. It is truly amazing that our debt-ridden society seems to outwardly mirror our inner imbalances. Could our karmic balance be compounded further? Is there no way out for the suffering?

Start now, yes right now this instant to make amends, wake up to your karmic potential and karmic opportunity to regain balance with good deeds, become selfless in your actions and offer all good deeds to the Divine, in whatever form speaks to you.

Karma is as neutral as gravity yet as real as your hands. Make amends for past wrongs, you know the areas that eat away at you in guilt or repressed feelings. The past can haunt your dreams and stifle your future if you suppress it. Learn to let go ,to forgive, to find compassion for others then and only then they will the withdrawals cease. The hemorrhaging of karmic consequence will stop.

Make good your promises to others even if those promises are said vaguely or in jest they will interject energy into future so seek to complete these actions to the best of your abilities and for the highest good. Draw from past experiences and troubles as they give your soul lessons and untie karmic knots, they give you strength and clarity for the future. If you ignore the lessons of the past then history will repeat itself, if you take this on board you will be freed from bondage in the future. Have faith that day will come, in this life or the next!

The unfair consequences of past life actions are indeed some of our greatest challenges to behold in this lifetime, the yogis counsel to control your reactive process, to take the challenges as they come and have faith you were meant to face them. With calm courage and strong will and openness to solutions you can work past these life altering events. To put is simply work with the hand you have been dealt.

Lastly, know yourself more subtly, learn to study and observe your thoughts which originate in your desires and attachments. Meditate on calm intuitive responses to life challenges, beware of the reactive subconscious, each time you inwardly defend yourself merely to win a point in your mind, it dominates conscious thought and blocks an intuitive and higher response. If you can be determind with the mind when it reacts you stand a chance of receiving true inner guidance to benefit your karmic equation.

Here is a simple yoga practice

Light a candle and visualize the flame before you.
At the brow point cultivate the same inner light
In deep meditation offer yourself fully to the light
Karmic propensities can be dissolved and burned
Great progress can be made

May your karmic knots be unbound!



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