The Great night of Shiva – Shivaratri this Friday

On the 14th day of the dark half of this moon cycle,  Hindus celebrate with a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva,  known for his compassion to devotees on this night, he dispenses spiritual and material blessings to those who utter his name with reverence.   For centuries the great Yogis have referred to Shiva as Yoganath, the Lord of the Yogis,  he is regarded as the teacher, the path and the goal and the highest Guru.

During this special night of the lunar calendar it is said that if sadhak (practitioner) can maintain focus on the Divine from sunset to sunrise they can gain control of their mind for the entire year! Several years ago I attempted this and let’s just say it’s extremely difficult to get through.  Any devotional practice or simply chanting of a Shiva Mantra will have a positive effect on your concentration and meditation.

Yoga (to yoke) allows us an opportunity to realize our highest Selves and experience directly a Divine connection this is the destiny of all yogis.   Mantra being the oldest yoga practice is a powerful tool to experience pure consciousness.  Shiva is a cosmic force is defined by Yogis as pure conscious bliss.

This Friday (February 28th) the moon’s influence over the mind is at its least for the entire lunar year, a rare opportunity arises for us mere mortals to gain a greater control over our minds.  This window allows us to meditate more deeply and perhaps lessen our mind’s almost constant fluctuations, bringing us closer to inner bliss.  Perhaps its worth a try?

Any time this week but especially Friday night it is recommended to chant Shiva Mantra.
A simple yet very powerful mantra is OM Namah Shivaya.  chant 108 times.

OM Namah Shivaya


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