Interview with Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya

At the end of this month Eastside Yoga will be hosting widely respected author, spiritual master of Vedic Spirituality and President of the International Sanatana Dharma Society, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya.

During the weekend seminar Sri Acharyaji will lead us into the larger tradition behind Yoga and Dharma spirituality.

Namaste, Acharyaji. First of all I want to thank you for visiting Austin and offering this program. For those that don’t know you, could you provide a little insight into your life’s work and spiritual practice?

Acharyaji: “Namaste, Steven. Thank you for the opportunity to present this experiential spiritual intensive at Eastside Yoga. I have been a practitioner of Yoga and Vedic spirituality for 40 years. As an initiated Hindu priest and spiritual preceptor (Acharya), the path that I teach is one that is deeply predicated upon the most authentic and traditional approach to spiritual Yoga practice available today. The goal of Yoga and Vedic spirituality, also known as the tradition of Sanatana Dharma (the Eternal Natural Way) is to reestablish an enlightened realization of our own inner self, and to attain the loving bliss of Divine consciousness. This is what I will be leading everyone to experience during this very special seminar.”

What can people expect to receive from the Living Dharma weekend seminar?

Acharyaji: “People who attend the Living Dharma seminar can expect to have a potentially life-changing, transformative spiritual experience! They will be participating in many exciting and fun activities that will include both enlightening philosophical insights and directly experiential meditation techniques designed to unleash their inner spiritual potentials in very unique ways. This will be a very practical and participatory experience for everyone.”

Over the years many people use the term Dharma. For many of us it’s unclear what it actually means and how Dharma could impact our lives. Could you help us gain clarity?

Acharyaji: “Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Natural Law’. It is the most universal and open of all spiritual approaches precisely because it is based upon the principles of nature, and not on any form of sectarianism, or merely human belief system. The path of Dharma is open to all, and exists in order to enhance the lives of all spiritual practitioners who understand and apply its principles in their lives. The very practical techniques of Dharma help us, first and foremost spiritually, but also on every other level of our lives, including helping us with our health, happiness, relationships, prosperity, and psychological wellbeing concerns. This seminar is called ‘Living Dharma’ precisely because we are going to share with people exactly how to incorporate the deeper aspects of Yoga spirituality in their day-to-day lives!”

How can yoga help people in these challenging times of fear and uncertainty?

Acharyaji: “Fear and uncertainty are among the greatest concerns facing Americans today. There is nothing worse for a person to experience than fear. Yoga teaches us how to overcome debilitating fear in our lives by teaching us that fear is foreign to our true and eternal selves. It is merely a shadow that cannot exist in the light of spiritual reality. By helping us to realize that we are eternal spiritual beings, and that we are surrounded by Divine grace at all times, Yoga spirituality gives us the inner strength to overcome any uncertainty. This seminar will equip people to do just that.”

Thank you Acharyaji.

Acharyaji: “It is my humble pleasure. I am looking forward tremendously to meeting all the attendees at the seminar when I’m in Austin. Aum Shanti.”

Sri Acharyaji will be in Austin January 31st – February 2nd offering three intensive seesions in a 10 hour experiential seminar. To register visit

To learn more about his work and teachings visit





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