What’s your favorite thing about being a yoga teacher?

Hi ESY community!  Brooke here.  Last night I went to Mary’s class.  If you haven’t been to Mary’s class, do yourself the hugest favor ever and do it.  She’s wonderful.

Anywho, one of the lovely ESY students, asked both of us what our favorite thing about being a yoga teacher is.

I have to admit, I hadn’t really thought about specifically what I love most about teaching.  I love so many things.   My answer after a few moments of thought was that it keeps me really in touch with my practice. I know in my heart of hearts that I need to practice in order to be the best teacher I can be.

A dear friend once told me the following that she learned from one her teachers:  you teach for yourself and you practice for your students.  I’ve mulled over this and I think it holds truth.  Without a steady yoga practice (not just asana but all the other limbs too; breathing, yamas, niyamas etc.) I have no energy for others.  I’m a shell of myself and I can’t be the best to my students.

Teaching requires a certain type of energy different than anything else I do in my life.  It requires being able to create a safe and warm environment for students, paying attention to each person in the room and designing a class to meet the general needs of all present.  Sometimes there are classes where it feels like everything flows like water and other times there are jagged edges for whatever reason.  And it’s our job to be present with whatever comes our way.

That is what I love most about teaching.  It’s being able to give a surplus of energy to my students because I take care of myself through this amazing practice.  I would write more but I am just stopping by before I’m off to teach my next class.

Much love to you all on this beautiful day!




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your neighborhood yoga studio! with our warm welcome, peaceful vibe and experienced yoga teachers, we aim to transform the body and bring stillness to your mind through the timeless teaching of yoga. eastside yoga is a friendly community of people who love yoga and meditation. we strive to nurture beginners and help deepen your yoga practice. our yoga studio and class schedule are convenient for residents of the east side and downtown austin.
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