Meet the Teachers; Stephanie

When I first met Stephanie I was drawn to her easy going and inviting attitude. Nothing was hidden in her classes and there was no reason to freak out. Just a matter of fact approach to what your body can do and how it felt while doing it. Check out her 10:30 class on Thursdays. Thanks Stephanie for the replies!

* What first brought you to practice yoga?

I was first brought to yoga in college through UT classes. I had heard about the benefits of yoga and I was curious to try it. I had just moved from France as an exchange student and I didn’t speak very good English. During my first classes, I struggled with understanding the teacher when she spoke about very specific parts of the body. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this “physical activity” and the way I felt in my body and in my head afterwards so I stuck with it.

* How has your view of yoga changed since you were first introduced to yoga?

My view of yoga has tremendously changed since the first classes. I approached yoga from a physical standpoint and today, although the physical aspect of yoga is still one of the benefits, the breath has come to the forefront. I see the breath as a tool to reach the deepest parts of ourselves.

* What would you hope your students leave with after one of your classes?

I hope they leave with a sense of connection with themselves, a sense that they nurtured and nourished their body with movement and deep breath, and find a sattvic state, which resonates with them.

* What is the most satisfying pose for you to practice?

The joy of yoga is that our bodies evolve with our practice so a pose that was satisfying a couple months ago may have evolved into another pose today.

* As part of your 500 hour advanced training you studied with renowned teachers such as Seane Corn and Leslie Kaminoff (author of Yoga Anatomy). Could you speak about the significance of proper alignment?

Proper alignment positions the body in order to gain the maximum benefit from the pose and avoid stress injury. Alignment is not about rigidness; instead we gently lean into the pose adjusting and keeping true to sthira and sukha (steadiness and softness).

* If you could pick one characteristic to shield and serve you through life, what would it be?

Be authentic. Stay true to yourself and listen to your inner teacher always.

* What are some activities you enjoy to do when you’re not teaching?

When I’m not teaching, I love cooking & baking, walking in nature, swimming, camping and traveling.

* What do you like most about East Side Yoga?

I like the neighborhood feel of the studio. I am so happy Steven and Elsa opened the studio because the eastside really needed one. They are able to provide affordable yoga classes and bring renowned teachers to the community.


About eastsideyoga

your neighborhood yoga studio! with our warm welcome, peaceful vibe and experienced yoga teachers, we aim to transform the body and bring stillness to your mind through the timeless teaching of yoga. eastside yoga is a friendly community of people who love yoga and meditation. we strive to nurture beginners and help deepen your yoga practice. our yoga studio and class schedule are convenient for residents of the east side and downtown austin.
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