Meet the Teachers: Lisa Feder

Meet our sunrise flow teacher Lisa Feder!! She teaches Tuesday and Thursday mornings- clean your slate to start the day anew!
Thanks for the great answers Lisa!
What first brought you to the practice of yoga? 
I became interested in Yoga first as a physical practice.  I was teaching group exercise classes and doing personal training, and attending an occasional yoga class and loving it for the stress relief and stretching.  Many of my clients were also seeking alternatives to their physical fitness routines and looking for ways to remain injury-free as they began to see and feel the signs of aging.  Even before I had done a lot of practice, I knew I wanted to teach.  I enrolled in a 200 hour program with weekend sessions and it took me several years to complete it!  At the time I was working full-time, had two babies at home and was doing personal training on the side!  Needless to say, the Yoga practice was a life-saver for me.  
Is there a moment or time in your life you knew you wanted to become a yoga instructor? 
As soon as I began practicing, I knew I wanted to teach.  I loved teaching physical fitness, and the Yoga began as a natural evolution of that.  Of course, now it is   more than that as I see every day that the physical aspect is just one small part of the practice.  When I began teaching, I was teaching just a couple of classes a week, while working full-time.  Within a few years, I was splitting my time between Corporate work and teaching Yoga.  I am happy to say, I now teach Yoga full-time! 
I see that you teach the sunrise flow class at 7:30 am tuesdays and thursdays. Is this your favorite time to practice? 
Morning is definitely my favorite time to practice.  There is a quote, “The first hour is the rudder for your whole day” (Aldous Huxley).  I really believe that.  Begin your day with practice; whatever that is for you, and it will make your whole day sweeter.   However, I must also add, I am beginning to branch out and experiment with practicing other times of the day.  My conclusion is…anytime is the perfect time to practice.
If you could pick one characteristic to shield and serve you through life, what would it be?  
I love the concept of Vairagya, or non-attachment.  It is learning to let go of the many attachments, fears and false identities that cloud the true Self.  I think about it in terms of releasing all the conditioning that can limit us, the rules and the “should’s”; and allowing ourselves to be present in each moment, and to experience, rather than judge.
What pose do you love to practice?  
Wow, I can’t think of a pose I don’t love to practice, so this is a hard question.  I do love going upside down, though, so I guess I would have to say inversions.  Great to change your perspective and turn everything on it’s head.  Also a wonderful rush and awesome feelings of exhilaration.  Inversions can really help you face your fears, and then, when you do get upside down you feel invincible! 

What do you like most about East Side Yoga?  
Wow, another hard question…so MUCH to love!  I really love my morning students–they are a happy, open-minded and open-hearted group of Yogis and Yoginis.  I truly look forward to seeing them each morning in practice.   There is a real feeling of community in the studio, in the morning and really at any time of day.  I am grateful, grateful, grateful, to be a part of the Eastside family. 

About eastsideyoga

your neighborhood yoga studio! with our warm welcome, peaceful vibe and experienced yoga teachers, we aim to transform the body and bring stillness to your mind through the timeless teaching of yoga. eastside yoga is a friendly community of people who love yoga and meditation. we strive to nurture beginners and help deepen your yoga practice. our yoga studio and class schedule are convenient for residents of the east side and downtown austin.
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