The great night of Shiva – Shivaratri

On the 14th day of the dark half of this moon cycle,  Hindus celebrate with a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva,  known for his compassion to devotees on this night, he dispenses spiritual and material blessings to those who utter his name with reverence.   For centuries the great Yogis have referred to Shiva as Yoganath, the Lord of the Yogis,  he is regarded as the teacher, the path and the goal and the highest Guru.

Often the more devotional and esoteric practices of Yoga get shrouded in religious dogma and obscure rituals, they can seem completely disconnected from our yoga experience on the mat.   There are many paths in the practice yoga, I suggest the main purpose of all the paths of Yoga is to reveal the Self by understanding and moving beyond the layers of the self (body, mind and spirit).   Through practice of asana, (posture) pranayama, (breath control) mantra (sacred sound) and meditation each of us can uplift consciousness towards inner bliss.   After all,  Shiva is defined by Yogis as pure conscious bliss.

This Wednesday (March 3rd) the moon’s influence over the mind is at its least for the entire lunar year, a rare opportunity arises for us mere mortals.  We have a chance to meditate more deeply and perhaps lessen our mind’s almost constant fluctuations, bringing us closer to inner bliss.  Perhaps its worth a try?

The practice of mantra Yoga is simple, all you need is an open mind and a little time.   This evening chant the Shiva mantra 108 times.

Om Namah Shivaya

“I celebrate Shiva, the spirit of Yoga, and awaken pure consciousness and bliss”



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